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Regular Expressions

This is the definition of the kind of regular expressions we use:
     Regular expressions are the extended kind  found  in  egrep.
     They are composed of characters as follows:

     c         matches the non-metacharacter c.

     \c        matches the literal character c.

     .         matches any character except newline.

     ^         matches the beginning of a line or a string.

     $         matches the end of a line or a string.

     [abc...]  character class, matches  any  of  the  characters
     [^abc...] negated character  class,  matches  any  character
               except abc... and newline.

     r1|r2     alternation: matches either r1 or r2.

     r1r2      concatenation: matches r1, and then r2.

     r+        matches one or more r's.

     r*        matches zero or more r's.

     r?        matches zero or one r's.

     (r)       grouping: matches r.
Some simple Examples:
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